Stage antics 'urban rehearsals'


Stage Antics operates during term time for 3 hours once a week and is open to children and young adults between the ages of six and eighteen. The students are divided into three age groups of mixed ability and Stage Antics provides training in drama, dance and singing.

The 2017 Autumn term runs from Saturday 9th September to Saturday 9th December with a half term break on Saturday 21st October.

Stage Antics will offer the students structured drama classes in an open, fun environment. They will be encouraged to express themselves freely and without inhibition while developing confidence, social skills and imagination.

Lessons will consist of:
- Voice technique to improve articulation
- Drama games to develop concentration and team work
- Improvisation and script work

Regardless of ability, our dance classes will develop students’ strength, flexibilty and co-ordination. They will learn a variety of dance styles and collective set steps concluding in a choreographed routine suitable for each age group.

Lessons will consist of:
- Physical warm up which will improve posture and body awareness
- Exercises incorporating useful set steps
- Routines in various styles including original choreography from West End and TV shows

Using piano and CD accompaniment, Stage Antics will develop the students’ individual singing ability, introducing vocal and breathing techniques. They will be trained in various styles of vocal performances from musical theatre to pop and rock. As well as working within an ensemble they will also be encouraged to work on solo pieces.

Lessons will consist of:
- Vocal warm up to develop vocal strength and range
- Group exercises to develop an ear for harmonies and dynamics
- Building a repertoire of solo and group songs for performance

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